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Broadband And Video Convergent Services Summit - Africa

About event

Presented in collaboration with the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) the  forthcoming 4th International Summit on Content Management for Digital Broadcasting and Media - Africa will bring together broadcasters, media owners, content publishers, advertisers, regulators and other industry stakeholders to explore key opportunities (and challenges) on how to adequately and effectively manage and monetise content in the digital ecosystem.

Topics, Issues and Ideas
- The dynamics of content management for digital broadcasting era
- Regulatory perspectives on content management for digital platforms
- Effective business models for digital content management in Africa
- Convergence of broadcast content on smartphones, digital TV and web services
- Opportunities for Telcos in a converged environment
- Managing content rights for digital media eco-system
- Content digitisation – strategies for successful implementation and management
- Content monetisation strategies for the African markets
- Leveraging delivery of broadcast content with mobile Apps and services!
- Commercialisation options for OTT TV and video streaming services

Participation will include
Directors General, C-Level Officers, Heads of Departments, Technical Managers, Business Managers from:

  1. Broadcasting Organisations
  2. Telecoms Companies
  3. Content Production and Publishers
  4. Advertising Services
  5. Regulators
  6. OTT and VOD Services Providers

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