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The Nigerian Broadcasting And Media Convention 2018

Content | Platform | Broadcast

The 4th International Summit on Broadcast In Nigeria will bring together key industry players and executives to examine and evaluate the state and direction of the digital broadcasting and media landscape in Nigeria with emphasis on how industry executives can access the right tools, systems and infrastructure for managing and delivering the required services to consumers.

Presented with the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria BON, the  2-day international event shall draw from global practices and experiences, reviewing and evaluating the roles and responsibilities of various industry stakeholders in ensuring the a vibrant, sustainable and profitable digital broadcasting industry in Nigeria.

Themes, Issues and Ideas
- Public service broadcasting in Nigeria  - delivering high quality content
- Taking advantage of the opportunities of the new media landscape In Nigeria
- Broadcasting services across multiple platforms - resolving persistent challenges
- Satellite-based solutions for digital broadcasting across Nigeria
- Radio services for digital platforms
- Targeted advertising – future Of the business of Television?
- Viable content preservation and archiving
- Content publishing for the broadcast and media industry
- Content generation, acquisition and monetisation strategies

Participation will include: Directors General, C-Level Officers, Heads of Departments, Technical Managers, Business Managers from: Public TV broadcasters, Public radio broadcasters, Private TV broadcasters, Private radio broadcasters, Advertising agencies, Broadcast signal and platform management, Content publishers and aggregators, Regulators and policy makers, Broadcast equipment, Solution providers

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